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About us

This site provides some clinical information for Montgomery County clinicians, lists resources for Montgomery County residents, lists some of the initiatives taken relative to the American Psychiatric Association, and a bio. The major resource is the current ICD-9-CM for the year 2013 below:

ICD-9-CM, 2013:

1. The Alphabetical Listing
2. The Numerical Listing
3. Mental Stress/Trauma-Related Disorders
4. The Dementia-Related Disorders
5. The V-Codes

New: ICD-9-CM [CP-ICD-9-CM] (July 1, 2014 edition)


This site is not to be construed as providing a standard of medical care. It is only providing suggestions for the psychiatrists managing these patients, suggestions that should not override the clinical information available to the psychiatrist responsible for a given patient.