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Adventure Holiday In Jamaica

If you are inactive in adventure sports, then you must take a trip to Jamaica. A holiday trip to Jamaica and you are sure to return again and again.

This beautiful island, with many natural attractions, offers the ultimate in thrills and excitement. Challenging bike rides in the mountains plunge into the depths of the sea, Jamaica offers a wealth of activities and interesting experiences. You can get the best information about tours and excursions in Jamaica via

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An ideal adventure itinerary includes a visit to the various beaches followed by snorkeling and excursions snorkeling and finally wrapped with a hike or a bike ride through the countryside.

The fresh air and invigorating coupled with beautiful views and forms of landscapes, ideal for large adventure activities. You can start your expedition adventure with a bike ride through the difficult terrain of the majestic Blue Mountains.

There are several professional cycle tour operators who offer trips by bike full day. These companies will take a joy ride through the tropical lush forests and usually, at the end of the tour, you can swim in a waterfall. These tours promise fun, frolic, and excitement.

The Ocho Rios area is also home to the famous Dunn River Falls. This magnificent waterfall cascading 600 feet down, then bounces on the stone steps to finally reach the waters of the blue sea. Here you can climb the small stone steps to enjoy the gushing waterfalls or even swim in small whirlpools.