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All About the Neck Pain Treatment

Knowing a little about the spinal structure will give you insight why this pain can happen. Vertebrae neck, and there are seven, make up what is known as "cervical spine". A healthy neck has a normal advanced curve. If this curve is straightened up to some degree it is called "hypolourca". If it is increased beyond normal curvature, it is called "hyperlordosis".

These muscles and ligaments can be stretched or scattered when exposed to trauma. Between vertebra there is a disk that acts as a pillow that acts as a shock absorbers, and facilitates vertebrae movements with each other. You can find out the lower back pain doctor via

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His neck can be susceptible to many external influences that have an impact on the spine and can cause them not to be in harmony. We have all heard about whiplash, but whiplash it is usually associated with a car accident. What is not known in general is that someone can maintain whiplash without being in the car. 

A slip or fall, or even a close fall can cause head back and forward, or from side to side, causing injuries unlike whiplash. This happens more often than that can be imagined because the head weight acts as a fully point, causing the head to jump back and then advance in a snapping movement.