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All You Must Know About The Monstera Deliciosa

The famous Swiss Cheese Plant ( monstera deliciosa) certainly is a wow! If you have an ideal environment and space to expand, it will reward the owner with a stunning, natural habitat. 

The stunning leaf shapes are so striking that it’s like being in the tropical jungle. After seeing your monstera’s growth increase this year and recently repotted it. You can visit to check out the best monstera deliciosa for sale.

monstera deliciosa for sale

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When should You redo the soil of your Swiss cheese plant?

The growth spurt has begun and it’s spreading! Monsteras have very strong tuberculous root systems that could nearly fill a pot in six months. The best way to keep your monstera in good health is to repot it every year during the summer and spring months.

What are these crazy roots that are coming out of the stems on your Monstera Deliciosa Plant?

The monstera deliciosa’s aerial root. In its natural habitat, the plant is an excellent climber. The aerial roots sprout seeking out things to hold onto and climb up in its rainforest habitat. 

This is the reason you suggest putting a moss stick into your monstera as it is maturing. This gives its stability. It will have something that it could cling to. Without this, there’s the possibility that your plant could begin to grow sideways on the floor, with its roots reaching for something to climb on.