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An Overview on Wood Facade

There are several types of wood facade that homeowners can choose for their home. Wood facade is a great option, and it is also interesting depending on the design of your home. 

But there are some things you might want to consider before you start your project so that you choose the most appropriate maxis facade for your situation. 

Various types of facade did look different after all, and they also installed differently. If you want to know more about wood facade, click here

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There are a wide variety of patterns and textures from which to choose from, so choose well. Generally though, plywood is made from western red cedar, redwood or pine. Plywood, besides being very useful, is also very easy to maintain. They can last for thirty years after you install them. 

Clapboard usually made of Ponderosa pine or Douglas fir, the clapboard planks overlapping horizontal boards on the exterior of your home. This makes clapboards highly adaptable, because it fits almost any style of home. You can also find clapboards made from redwood and cedar if you want.

Another popular type of wood facade is the tongue and groove type of facade where one section to another slide and locks in place. Very versatile, and quite interesting, and can be installed in any direction of the house.

It is your choice if you want a wood facade on your home. Just choose a reputable provider and you will get the look you want.