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Are Sweet Potatoes And Yams Similar?

The names yam and sweet potato are usually believed to be synonymous, but actually, they are two distinct. 

The sweet potato varies in color from white to orange, and also the more orange the color, the longer beta-carotene it comprises. This is proven to protect the skin from burning and it creates vitamin A within the body that is a powerful antioxidant, together with vitamin C. Sweet potatoes also contain vitamin B6 that, together with vitamin A can help prevent smoking-related diseases like emphysema. Vitamin A can also be great for vision as it shields from adrenal macular degeneration. 

Yams are earthy-tasting instead of sweet, and it's the taste and also the frequently brown-black color of skin that could allow you to identify one. You can buy sweet yam at

sweet yam

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Yams also include vitamin B6 but possess significantly less beta-carotene inside them and therefore do not especially assist with vision issues. They do, nevertheless comprise steroidal saponins, one set of that is diosgenin that might lessen the chance of osteoporosis. Additionally, they contain Dioscorea that's thought to possess antioxidant properties and also modulate the immune system. It's presently thought that the yam might help in lessening the signs of menopause and also PMS/PMT due to its vitamin B6 and its acidity. Additionally, it provides us with vitamins K and E along with essential amino acids and minerals like manganese, phosphorous, iron, and calcium.

If you consume a yam or a sweet potato, then you'll have health benefits out of it, particularly if you roast, steam, or bake them.