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Are You Choosing The Right Bolt Fasteners For Your Outdoor Furniture?

Fasteners used for a variety of products that are used regularly in homes and industries. They can be used for basic screws holding together the furniture or on bolts intended for use in extreme environments. 

Bolt fasteners generally have a wide range of applications. They are used increasingly in the fields of Engineering, Oil & Gas, Pipes & Tubes, Petrochemicals, Water Treatment, and Industrial Construction.

Apart from this if you are looking for the other products like ‘Pipe hangers, Pipe hanger, Adjustable clevis, Stud rod, U-bolt, Strap U -bolt and droplet’ (Also known as ‘ท่อไม้แขวน, ไม้แขวนท่อ, ปิ๊นปรับได้, แกนสตั๊ด, U-bolt, สายคล้อง U-bolt และหยด‘ in the Thai language) you can browse online resources.

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The main types of Bolt Fasteners are available out there include:

  • Stainless Steel Bolts
  • Hex Bolts
  • U bolts
  • Bolt Stud
  • MS bolt
  • Carriage Bolts
  • Heavy hex bolt
  • Button head bolts
  • Bolts Metric

Stainless Steel Bolts

Stainless steel bolts generally consist of 10 to 18% chromium mixed with large amounts of carbon and other materials. Ensuring the presence of other materials that the steel bolts do not suffer from rust or corrosion. 

As a result, steel Bolt Fasteners are perfect for outdoor use. You can use it for outdoor furniture. It is important to choose the right bolt fasteners for outdoor furniture, as people with bad quality may corrode rapidly with the passing of time. 

Stainless steel fasteners are the best when it comes to handling the heavy furniture. It is important to choose a bolt fastener should be protected if you are willing to keep your furniture from a fast decay. The steel reacts with the tannic acid present in the wood. It is tannic acid which accelerates the corrosion process.

Stainless steel bolts are preferred, especially for low maintenance costs and high durability.

The products you buy should be given to the quality and tough as an anti-corrosive. It also must have precision dimensions and construction is difficult.