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Are You Ready For IoT – The Internet Of Things

2020 came and millions or even billions of smart electronic devices, connected by the Internet, will interact with each other independent of human intervention. This network of interacting electronic devices is named as the Internet of Things (IoT). You can click here to know about IoT and IoT solutions in more detail.

Viewed from our time (2013), one could expect IoT to consist of PCs, tablet computers, digital cameras, readers of e-books, mobile phones, robots, computer networks of private and public, and any new smart electronic device that will be developed between now and 2021. What would that mean for you and me? Here are some key benefits … and costs.


  • Automation

Automation will have reached such high levels lead to a paradigm shift in our lifestyle. One of the most significant changes that we can expect to see is that our lives would be much more convenient than it is now. Physically, we will have to travel less. There will be more time to dedicate to our main jobs and of course, for leisure, rest and relaxation.

  • Cost Savings

Due to the inherent efficiency of electronic networks as well as the elimination of many middle-work / processes involved in the trade, there will be a marked, positive impact on the economy so that the price of goods and/or services may fall.