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Benefits of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is used to relax the whole body instead of a particular body part. This is accomplished by massaging the muscles with long gliding strokes.

The Swedish massage technique in Wellington majorly focuses on muscle relaxation, targeting superficial muscles and increasing the level of oxygen in the blood.

wellington swedish massage

As per recent research, a 45-minute Swedish massage provides extensive reductions in levels of the stress hormone cortisol, in addition to arginine vasopressin.

This massage not only provides body comfort, but its techniques reduce emotional and psychological stress. It also reduces joint stiffness and pain, and aid people who have osteoarthritis.

The Swedish massage concentrates majorly on five fundamentals:

Long gliding strokes to get the body – The gliding Swedish massage methods cover various regions of the human body. They're long sweeping strokes that alternate between light and firm pressure.

It is achieved by using the palm of the therapist's hands. The knuckles of the fingers are used to release muscles tensions of the human body.

Tapping – It is made of rhythmic tapping which uses the fists of their cupped hands. This helps to relax the muscles being manipulated and also helps to energize them. The faces of the palms are employed in this massage therapy.

Friction – The massage movement produces heat which leads to relaxation of the muscles. This technique is used as a warm-up for the muscles of a human body to be medicated for massage.

Swedish massage is extremely valuable for raising the amount of oxygen from blood flow, decreasing muscle tissues, improving flexibility and circulation when relieving tension.