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Best Couples Therapy Online

Understanding the problem in terms of the "science of love" is only the start to navigating the bumpy terrain of couples' conflict. Couples Therapy can provide couples with a map to get from problems to solutions. 

In moments of disconnection, what two partners do next, in those moments of distress, will have a huge impact on the shape of our relationship. If two partners can learn to turn around and reconnect, the relationship can be stronger because both partners will begin to trust that the "we, " the connection, can be a secure base each partner needs in order to be their best.

If couples do not learn how to turn to each other and reconnect, they will start to engage in, what I call "dumb fights" that follow a clear, and circular pattern. You can also get Navneet Gill Counselling to save your relationship.

Sliding door moments are the seemingly inconsequential everyday moments filled with the words we haphazardly throw back and forth at each other, that make or break the most important relationships in our lives, because these are the moments we say to ourselves, "I trust" or "I don't trust him/her."

Once these sliding moments occur and you determine that your partner cannot be trusted, the relationship will start to unravel until these attachment injuries can be repaired.

Couples Therapy is understanding and navigating these moments differently. Conflict is dangerous but it is also an opportunity to understand your partner more deeply, and thus make the relationship safer.