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Best Dog Food On The Market – Discover The Truth

Dog owners have always been plagued with this complicated question – what is the best dog food? Choosing the right one is a laborious task because the shelves of supermarkets and pet stores are full of pet food. But the truth is that canned, dried or semi-moist products are not the best dog food. Do not fall for ads; such food will cause health problems to your friends, sooner or later. But what is considered the best dog food then?

It is quite simple – fresh food that you buy for yourself (fresh meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, cheese cotton and others) is the best choice for your dog as well. Think about it – the dogs never eaten any canned or processed food til1930s, and they were domesticated almost for 150 centuries already. And the fact is – dogs lived for 16-18 years because they had a great diet. You can also ensure by giving your dog a healthier diet. You can buy the best dog food at Online pet stores are bombarded with the fresh and nutritious food that is healthy for your dogs.

But why this time buckets and cans of processed products can not be considered the best dog food? Material is absolutely terrible. Did you know that the meat used for "best dog food" is not passed USDA inspection? Large companies use meat from animals who are sick, disabled or dead when it arrived at the slaughterhouse. Did you know that? And we will not mention growth hormones and antibiotics that are injected in poor animal to make them grow faster …

Another bad ingredient is wheat. Grains and cereals should not be eaten by dogs, simply because their digestive tracts are not designed for this. Dogs have short and straight digestive tract designed to digest meat. So this is why even naturally grown corn, soybeans and wheat are not the best dog foods, by any means. In addition, the grains used for dog food are unfit for human consumption.

Also, the pet food companies spray oily fat on all their products. Without such spray, their production would not be considered food by your dog. It's the smell that encourages him. So we came to the conclusion – you do not have to feed your dog with processed foods. But what is a healthy diet?

Here is a shortlist of the best meals of dogs – chicken, beef, turkey, venison, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, vegetables (all kinds, try something different to see what your dog most like), liver, heart, kidney, oatmeal ( sometimes) and many other products.