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Biodegradable Bags Can Help Save Our Planet

Biodegradable bags are an innovation that eliminates the problems associated with countless tons of waste non-degradable plastic products by humanity. Almost everything we bring home from stores is packed in non-degradable plastics. Almost every day, we have placed garbage in plastic bags. 

Every inhabitant of the planet Earth "product" 1 tonne of waste per year. A family uses about 1,500 plastic bags on average per year. The polymer waste problem is particularly acute in large cities. The waste is collected and disposed of in landfills. The breakdown of regular polymers takes up to 200 years. You can also read more about the composition of biodegradable poly bags via so that you will also become part of environmental safety.

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The removal of the plastic problem can be solved in the following ways: 

They must be replaced by regular poly bags biodegradable materials. The use of biopolymers in all types of plastic packaging will ensure their use in a period of several weeks to several years, instead of hundreds of years. The good point is that many modern companies have mastered the production of safe plastics for the environment.

The polymers decompose to form volatile and solid products that do not harm the environment. The procedure of decomposition is as follows: first there is oxidation that is caused by exposure to light, heat, and mechanical loads, and then bio-degradation has happened with the help of microorganisms.

Biodegradable plastics are generally tested to ensure they degrade in the environment by oxidation and biodegradation. 

Biodegradable bags have the following characteristics:

  • Their decomposition takes 1.5-2 years.
  • Their products of degradation are not toxic.
  • They can be placed in the compost.
  • They can be treated again.
  • Resistance corresponds to that of standard plastics, and in some cases exceeds.