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Birth Control Shot – The Effectiveness

The general method is contraceptive used by women. Health research has increased over the years and there are many new methods available for families to choose from.

Birth Control devices are better than pills to control pregnancy. One of these methods is upper arm implant birth control. It is installed by gynecologist experts only.

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Birth Control shot is a type of progesterone. The hormone progesterone is produced in the ovaries of women. It is administered by injection through a woman’s buttocks or upper arm. Medical personnel usually give women this drug once every three months.

Today there are many drugs available to prevent women from getting pregnant. The hormone progesterone is working to prevent women from ovulation during the menstrual period. Without ovulation, a woman will not be able to get fertilization because there is no egg produced for the process to happen.

Different methods believed to be very strong. Within a year, hundreds of couples are using this method, and getting good results. The risk of pregnancy may depend on certain medical conditions and other factors that the woman’s body may be affected.