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Black Truffle Salt Recipes

Real black truffle sea salt has real, dark pieces of truffle in its shell, anything other than this is most likely flavored with artificial chemicals. As with truffle oil, truffle salt can also be used in the kitchen simply as a finishing garnish to food. The use of this salty product as a food seasoning, however, is not common and most commonly found in the confectioner's world. Most people think of it more for its unique, dark color. But, like many things in life, there is a high and low to the truffle salt experience.

Real truffle salt has a very distinct smell. It is nutty and has a slightly woodsy aroma. There is also another note that is almost musky, this smell is reminiscent of bacon or popcorn or even cheese. So if you want to make scrambled eggs, this would be the best choice. And if you want popcorn, sea salt will suffice, but not as well as the real thing.

In most cooking, especially if you are using a strong butter or cream seasoning, it is impossible to achieve the rich, dark truffle flavor that only real kosher salt can provide. When you use this kind of salt you can easily do so, it will give you an extremely rich and hearty flavor that will leave your guests wanting more. Many people don't know, but sea salt and regular table salt have basically the same type of flavor. So just to clear it up, regular table salt is not truffle salt, while sea salt has the real truffle flavor in it.

So what kind of dishes are well served with truffle salt? Spices and herbs, such as Rosemary, garlic, thyme, oregano, and sage, are all great on their own, or when they are cooked with other ingredients to make a spread or in a sauce. The most common sauces for scrambled eggs, however, are heavy cream or butter sauces and should not be used with truffles because they will overpower the delicate flavor.

Many people choose to add truffles to their everyday meals. If you're looking for a healthy alternative to chips, pasta, or bread, truffles are a great addition. Try serving truffles with vegetable lasagna or a creamy soup. Another popular way to enjoy truffles is to top off your favorite sandwich or breakfast with a small package of truffles. They are highly prized for being able to melt cheese, butter, or eggs, and create a delicious and unique topping.

Salads with truffles are highly prized as well. Shredded cheese is a great option on the side for those who don't prefer their steak to be very spicy or salty. Salads with truffles can also be served at buffet tables. You can add a little spice to a salad with truffles by grating cheese, onions, or steak and then adding a small amount of truffles to give it that little bit of extra zing.

There are many uses for the black truffle salt. For instance, it is often used to season steaks before cooking. Rubbing the steak with this salty herb before finishing the grill or under the grill makes them more aromatic than regular salt. When mixed with fresh herbs, it creates a wonderful aroma that enhances the taste of grilled steak. It can also be sprinkled over fish and chips to bring out the natural flavor.

These popular salty herbs are used for a wide variety of recipes. Whether you are looking for a delicious appetizer, a delicious dessert, or even a healthy snack, you are sure to find a variety of ways to enjoy black truffle salt. As you get more familiar with these tasty and flavorful herbs, you will come to realize that there are endless ways to take advantage of these tasty little salts. If you haven't tried them before, you are in for a real treat! Make sure to try some black truffle sea salt recipes now!