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Blinds in Melbourne: Price Guide

blinds in Melbourne price guide

Blinds can be divided into two groups, indoor and outdoor blinds. Let’s take a look at the different blinds available and learn what they are and how they are used.


Roller Blinds: blinds that are operated through the raising and lowering of blinds on a rolling tube with a chain or cord. They cost approximately $50 to $600 per window. 

Sunscreen Blinds: Affordable blinds costing from $50 are designed to allow maximum light into a room whilst filtering out the UV rays. 

Venetians: These blinds are slatted horizontal blinds, made from wood, plastic or aluminium. These cost about $150 per window. 

Plantation Shutters: A very stylish blind that is operated using a vertical handle to open and close them, whilst being able to open them to fully expose the window as well. These are more expensive at about $400 per window. 

Vertical Blinds: These look great on high windows and are made of hanging PVC or fabric panels that are drawn back using cords, chains or handles. The average cost of these is $80. 


Sunblinds: are fabric coverings for the outside of windows designed to provide shade from the sun, starting at about $200. 

Ezip Blinds: are PVC or mesh type fabric and allow you to see whilst securing any area from the elements and insects. Ezip blinds start at $450. 

Folding Arm Awnings: are installed on walls or ceilings and when in the outward position, are supported by an extending arm that, when away, is hidden. The average cost of these is around $800.

All Indoor and outdoor blinds have different features which are suited to many homes and environments. They range from as low as $60 up to the thousands.