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Brief Information on Different Types of Crane

A construction crane is mainly a lifting machine that loads, unloads and lifts heavy materials with the help of pulleys and cables. In this way, it has become one of the important elements of the construction sector.

There are two main elements for the design of the crane one is lifting capacity and another one is stability. The design includes components such as cables, chains. 

Integrated levers and other simple instruments make this giant equipment reach lifting and moving tasks in an efficient manner. For more information, visit this website

There are different types of cranes used for material handling:

Tower Crane: It was developed in Europe and is now popular all over the world. A tower crane can reach up to 265 feet to 230 feet and lift up to 20 tons. It is a modern form of balance crane and often provides the best of lifting and high capability. 

Vehicle Mounted: This machine eliminates the need for additional equipment to transport the crane to work. When the crane was set up in the construction site, outriggers extended horizontally from the bottom and vertically to stabilise the machine.

Crawler: It is a mobile crane, so it does not require outriggers for increased stability. This machine is mounted on a chassis with a single set of tracks and is equipped with a lifting capacity of 40 tons to 3500 tons.