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Cute Old Fashioned Outdoor Game

Before the advent of modern game consoles or computers, children were most often seen playing old-fashioned games outdoors in their spare time. Although the number of children who play it has definitely decreased, there are still some who prefer to play games like paintball at the party place. After all, it is not only fun, but also useful for developing certain skills. 

9 Classic Yard Games for Kids

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What are these ancient outdoor games? You may be familiar with some of them.

Shadowing:- This is a tracking game, an innovation from Scouts. This is one of the ancient outdoor games that can be played in small or large groups. In the shading game, your powers of observation and senses will increase.

Hide and Seek:- Who has never played hide and seek? Most importantly, who has never enjoyed playing it? The best thing about this classic and old-fashioned outdoor game is that there are new twists that kids can enter to make it even more fun than it already is.

Hopscotch:- This is one of the oldest ancient outdoor games and it is known all over the world. It was introduced by Roman soldiers when it was played in ancient English times. Although most of today's squares are different from the medieval squares, which were about 30 meters long, the game is still a lot of fun to play.

Kickball:- This is another simple game which is easy to follow but very fun. All you need is some open space and a playground ball and you're good to go. It can be played by children as little or as much as you want. The goal is to kick the ball and run to each station until you return to the base. Old fashioned outdoor games like kickball make classic environmental games.