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Designing Business Cards Perfectly

Business cards are essential for a business in order to achieve success and prosperity. But it is important that your card is designed perfectly. It should reflect every important detail of your business. Let’s have a look at what are the details that your card must include.


Visual images work well as a memory aid. A logo or an image will connect your card with your website, your brochure, your signs and advertisements, reinforcing your company identity and brand. Some professions prefer to use portrait photographs on business cards.


Pictures are great to help people remember you but of course this only works in businesses in which that is deemed acceptable. Don't attempt to cram more than one picture on the business card, since this can end up being cluttered.

You may hire professionals to design your business card through

Tag line:

Your business card is your own personal advert, so make a tricky one-liner that encapsulates what you do. If your company name makes it clear what you do, then use the one-liner to enlarge on it, with a witty, lyrical or rhyming phrase that will stick in the memory.

Make it scannable:

Many folks collate their business card contact details by scanning them into a program. Bear this in mind on your design. It's easier to scan dark writing on light backgrounds.