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Difference Between Sales CRM & ERP System

These two terms have confused us several times. Sales CRM is a software solution for managing the entire business development process, including the marketing and sales processes of any organization. There are some companies that provide sales crm software for small business.

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Although ERP is an enterprise resource planning system, it manages all organizational resources, such as People, Products, Prices, etc.

CRM for sales can be part of an ERP solution that fulfills the sales and marketing functions of a commercial building, but ERP cannot be part of a CRM for sales.

What is an ERP system?

ERP systems are intended to optimize all company processes. He helps manage all business functions and various departments in the organization. As if it were a production unit, ERP was essential for managing and controlling production, storage, packaging and shipping, accounting, etc.

Companies that focus more on their standards and quality control, as well as internal and external inventory, implement a central ERP system to have a clear business idea at all times.

What is CRM software?

CRM for Sales is a system that controls, monitors, and simplifies all business development processes. A good sales CRM system should handle the management of a marketing campaign with clarity about the various activities in the campaign and the budget involved. 

The main purpose of CRM for sales is to provide a live visualization of the management team for each sales team activity, regardless of its location. We need to know the actions taken from the seller for each business opportunity and opportunity, as well as suggestions and offers to properly build the version in the system.