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Different Types of Centrifugal Fan Blades

Centrifugal Fan is a mechanical device that is used to move air or other types of gases in a particular direction or at a particular angle. In these devices, the blades play an important role.

Click to read more about centrifugal fans or blowers. These fans are one of the most effective parts of air moving equipment. The scroll distance at a centrifugal fan accelerates the atmosphere and changes the path of the airflow a complete 90 degree.

Centrifugal fans are silent and reliable and are used in different types of environments and programs. Below are some tips to consider for selecting the ideal centrifugal blower for your system’s needs.

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Types of Blades used in Centrifugal Fans:

  1. Radial – These are high-pressure fans with moderate airflow. Fans with radial blades are perfect for industrial uses where there is dust, or in environments where there is moisture or gas in the air.
  2. Forward Curve – These blades produce medium pressure with high airflow. Fans with Forwarding curve blades can be used in ventilating and exhaust applications.
  3. Backward Curve – These blades produce high-pressure with high airflow. Power reduces as airflow increases over the most efficient area of the system.
  4. Airfoil – These blades are used in the highest efficiency fans and they are best in clean air applications.

These are the common blade types of centrifugal fans. You can pick any of these types according to your company’s requirements.