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Folding Screens – Bestowing Cozy And Private Spaces

When events require the ability to ensure privacy and separation between people, this lightweight portable privacy screen is quick to set up and easy to move. Use this temporary screen anywhere that requires portable personal space.

Maintain privacy in multiple settings with this portable privacy screen. Use Privacy Screens For The Clinical Environmentscreens wherever physical separation or privacy is required.

In a multifunctional room that only needs a partition wall for a part (the lightweight screen can be easily stored when not in use)

Maintain privacy in a variety of settings with this portable privacy screen. Use Privacy Screens anywhere physical separation or privacy is needed:


  • Medical privacy screen splitter to increase medical overvoltage capacity

  • Partition wall for patient's private area on-site for alternative treatment

  • Portable divider in the classroom

  • Screening area for medical emergencies

  • Formwork line with barrier

  • Airports, train stations, schools, restaurants, grocery stores – social distancing needed 

Privacy screens are an easy way to create and manage restricted areas in an emergency. The durable, lightweight PVC screen frame is easy to install, adjust and, if necessary, disinfect.

Each privacy screen contains a replacement film. Additional sheets can be purchased separately. 

The privacy screen sheet can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The screen can withstand mild sprays of most disinfectants. 

However, the end-user is responsible for assessing the effectiveness of the disinfectant and the effectiveness of the leaves. 

It is not recommended to soak or wash the screen.