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Fountain Pens And The Passion Of Writing

Fountain pens have exceptional elegance and historical value. Each pen has its brilliant personality and carefully cultivated design, visually apparent in each finished image.

From finely crafted nibs to its designed barrels and a choice of related inks, the fountain pen is an irreplaceable treasure of practicality or sentimentality, sometimes both. Fountain pens are more rustic, unique, durable and reliable in the world.

founatin pens

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Fountain pen nibs are produced from silver, gold or stainless steel. The majority of high-quality pens are made entirely from silver or gold, due to their flexibility and wear-resistance. 

Gold is regarded as the best option, together with the most well-known versions offered in 14k, 18k or even 21k gold. Gold-plated nibs are usually preferred, as pure gold tends to snap or break when thinned.

Nib dots come in most sizes well, medium or wide, but other dimensions can be found. Fine nib points are useful for people who don't have the most ideal handwriting. The lines of a good nib point are smooth and thin, giving a design a polished, professional look. Medium nib points render a slightly thicker line but remain smooth and accurate.

Broad nib points are thicker and leave a more pronounced line, making it the nib point of choice among calligraphic. All nibs are engraved with their manufacturer and model type markings. More prestigious and higher-end companies have engraved their nibs with flourishing designs, symbols, and even precious stones to simulate craftsmanship and add a touch of unique, personal flair to each pen