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Good Intimate Hygiene – What Every Woman Should Know

Women need to pay attention not only to their appearance but also to the health of their genitals. A woman's overall health depends not only on her appearance but also on her private parts such as the intimate area.

The intimate area is a delicate part that is prone to infection and women need to know basic genital hygiene to avoid infection.

More hygienic during your monthly period. It is important to practice good intimate are hygiene during menstruation. 

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Change your underwear and pads more often when you have a menstrual cycle. you can also buy the best cotton panty liners online to avoid infections.

Wash the intimate area with warm water. The intimate area is a self-cleaning organ and no detergent is needed to keep it clean. Normal intimate area discharge is one way of the intimate area to clean and release dead cells.

Some women can be very stubborn and use intimate area soaps and cleansers, which can only cause irritation.

Chemicals from detergents, soaps, and other feminine hygiene products can also disrupt the natural pH of the intimate area, allowing bad bacteria to grow, leading to infection. The best way to clean the intimate area is to regularly rinse it with warm water.

The intimate area has a natural smell and you don't need to use a scented product to smell it. It can keep its natural smell as long as you wash it regularly with warm water and keep it clean.

Wear clothes that absorb sweat. Good intimate area hygiene involves letting your intimate area breathe and preventing moisture from building up around it.

Sweating encourages bacteria to build up, and if your genital area is not well ventilated, you may sweat.