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Hair Transplant Treatment – A Permanent Hair Growth Solution

Hair care or grafting is becoming more popular with advances in technology and surgical equipment. Treatment involves transplanting healthy follicles from another part of your head and replanting them in areas that are bald or thinning.

Although some people avoid them because of their relatively high cost and perceived complications, others prefer that there are no other effective solutions. You can get hair restoration and hair transplant in Winnipeg via

1) Effective for hair loss in men or women

Many people experience "general baldness" or baldness in men or women. These are usually genetic in nature and are caused by natural reactions in the body that are difficult to prevent or reverse.

Medical treatments such as oral finasteride and topical minoxil are available. But they usually slow down hair loss or at best stop it and don't add much to its growth. In such a scenario, you may want to consider a transplant to take advantage of another healthy follicle and place it in a bald spot or where the splendor of your crown is thin.

2) Permanent solution for hair growth

Transplantation is a permanent solution because healthy follicles continue to grow healthy, healthy fibers in new locations. Long-term transplant costs can be less than paying high monthly maintenance fees for other treatments or medications.

3) Looks better, it's faster

The most obvious benefit of this replacement surgery is that you look younger within months compared to other treatments. Looking better can give you a relatively quick boost and have a positive impact on your entire life.