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How Does Ibogaine Therapy Works?

Ibogaine comes from Iboga plant from South Africa. It was traditionally used in initiation ceremonies. However, many scientists claim that Ibogaine can treat any type of drug addiction. Ibogaine is a successful treatment against alcohol and opiate addiction. If you or your loved ones are a drug addict, you can consider Ibogaine clinic  for a full recovery.

ibogaine treatement

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In this article, we will discuss how does Ibogaine work in great detail.

Ibogaine seems to influence withdrawal in two primary ways:

  • Regulate the level of dopamine and serotonin in the brain
  • Restore damaged area caused by long term substance abuse.

Regulation of Dopamine and Serotonin

When a drug reaches into the brain, they reach to the certain receptor that stimulates dopamine. Ibogaine regulates and blocks dopamine transporter molecules that work to shift dopamine into brain cells.

Restore Damaged Area

Ibogaine influences different receptors types to release a chemical called neurotrophic factors. This chemical helps to repair the damaged tissue and prevent the addictive responses that generally happen for a long time.

The hallucinogenic effect of Ibogaine may be one of the most important parts of helping addicts to overcome their addiction. However, the experiences of the patients after hallucination may vary. But after 12-24 hours of treatment, the patient will gradually begin to feel good.