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Hydraulics – The Flow Control Valves

Hydraulic valves are very important because they help control the flow of special fluids, oils, in the system. It comes in various sizes and types depending on the system pressure and flow rate. You can explore the services of agencies providing quality hydraulics like A.T. Hydraulics.

Top 3 Classification of Hydraulic Valves: There are three main classifications of hydraulic

  • Directional
  • Pressure
  • Flow control

Directional used to control the direction of fluid from beginning to end. However, the pressure valve is used when a certain pressure level is required. flow control is used to control the flow rate of fluid in the system.

In addition to the primary classification, there are special hydraulic valves used depending on the needs. Some examples would be multi-directional block, modular, cartridge, servo electro-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic proportional / digital, micro-hydraulic and water pressure control.

A multi-directional block consists of a main valve with a valve including directional, pressure and valves used for centralized control of the machine. Valves safest and most environmentally friendly on the other hand is a water pressure valve that is used to control the water in many water hydraulic systems.

Valve Installation Connection

Hydraulic valve is essential for a complete system. That being said, there are four different ways that the valve is installed and connected – threaded, modular, plate of bread and cartridge.