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Information on How to Renew a Singapore’s Work Permit

The most common name for your Employment Authorization Document is “Work permit”. It is issued by Citizenship Immigration Services. You will need to learn about renewing work permit if your permit is nearing expiration to remain employed in Singapore.

Citizenship immigration services will require you to renew your Employment Authorization Card if your work permit is expired. You can do this using Form I-765. It can take up to 90 days for the CIS to process your application. You can also apply for your work permit renewal online.

How often do work permits expire?

Your current status and the type of visa that you have will determine the length of your work permit. Most work permits expire within one year of being issued. However, no individual will be granted an EAD card for longer than they are allowed to stay in the country.

Check the expiration date on your EAD card to verify if your permit is still valid. You should keep track of the expiration date on your EAD. If it expires you could lose your job or get deported. It’s best to apply as soon as possible for EAD renewal, although the immigration services recommend┬áthat you wait no more than 180 days prior to the expiration date of your original EAD.