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Kidney Failure and What to Expect!

When you have kidney failure you are in your world, you have the scheduled dialysis day, blood tests and being tired constantly. If you are a new patient then this is scary and changing the world compared to your normal life as you knew it before. You can search more details about home care dialysis via South Texas Renal Care Group.

Kidney Failure and What to Expect!

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While dialysis centers and doctors and nurses tried to prepare you for what is to come, they're still not too much available to educate, not just yourself but your loved ones about kidney failure. There is not much to tell you the side effects of either dialysis or drugs you are required to take.

You can learn everything you own by trial and error. I remember when the other half first starts dialysis treatment, we were both scared. He was scared because it was new to him and I was afraid for him but it all turned out ok.

He did well from the start and the only problem was the blood pressure gets low enough. Of course, he wanted a new kidney and tested and put on the list but all it took about two years just to get on the list for a kidney.

Dialysis was done 3 days a week for 3-4 hours each day. I want to say this … your days having dialysis, you are very tired but it will be better days usually and you have more energy.

Not surprisingly tired, you do not have a dialysis machine in four hours that your body needs to be conducted in 48 normal hours.