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Know About Marijuana Cloning

Cloning is the process of creating genetically identical plants. The method is simple: take a cut from each plant, place it on the ground, and wait for it to take root. Although the theory is clear, the actual practice isn't crazy.

Marijuana plants follow the same process, but there are a few more steps to ensure that the plants are cloned successfully. For outdoor farmers, cloning is most successful when done in areas with a long growing season.

Even with a very long growing season, you cannot expect your clones to reach their full potential because they only start growing for about 3 months during the growing season when your native plants are ripe. You can opt for clones for sale online to get cannabis plant clones & seeds at Mendo Bros.

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As the saying goes, even short clones can produce very good results, sometimes with full shoot tops. Most of the clones prefer to remove the lower branches from their plants because these branches get less light and struggle to survive.

If you use between the two and four lower branches of your plant to make clones, you have at least doubled your harvest. Choosing younger cannabis plants (between two and three months) is usually the best, although plants can be cloned when mature.

Older plants can be cloned, but you should pay attention to their needs in the first few weeks, especially when it comes to water.

Although cloning is relatively risk-free because it does not harm the health of native plants and your main crop, clones often die before being pulled out. Not infrequently only one in ten branches survive.