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Making Merit Of New House With Monk Blessings

Merit Making ceremonies in Thailand are always held in the morning, regardless of the purpose of the ceremony, because they require the services of nine Buddhist monks of Thailand.

What you need for making merit of a new home:

The owner of the house will set up all the ceremonies of new house merit making (which is also known as ทำบุญบ้านใหม่in the Thai language) before the day. Need of nine pillows and carpet for the monks. The carpet for the monks to sit on while performing the ceremony and the cushions are each monk lean against. Each monk must also have a candle, a small garland of flowers and incense. 

Day of Ceremony:

During a merit making ceremony, there will be a short ceremony with the owner of the house to make offerings to the monks, followed by about 30 minutes of chanting by monks. 

After the ceremony, the owner of the house will serve food to the monks while family and guests are waiting quietly. The monks always eat first and no one else should eat until they have finished their meal and return to the temple.

The ceremony will be completed by the head monk blessing of the new house and splashing water on the head of the guests, who one by one kneel before him.

Once the monks are back to the temple, guests and occupants of the house can eat their meal and enjoy the company of each other. The atmosphere is relaxed and happy as now everyone is in a house should be blessed with good luck and happiness.