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Move With The Times With Lithium Camera Batteries

Technology moves at a rate that can almost be blinding to those who are used to the normal and every day, and have some sort of inertia when it comes to adopting new technology for themselves. This should not be the case especially when it comes to batteries because longevity and reliability have always been the contentious issues that come into play when people talk about batteries. You can also buy lithium battery custom pack enclosures from NuEnergy Storage Solutions.

While most of us are still stuck in the alkaline and the carbon batteries, it is time to move with the times with lithium, and this is even more pertinent and solid a fact when juxtaposed against the use of it within camera batteries. The camera represents one of the most important pieces of equipment this century – having the ability to capture moments in formats now described as digital.

Lithium batteries are different because they use a lithium-ion that moves in between an anode and a cathode within the battery, moving in directions that are dependent upon the state that the battery is experiencing (recharge or discharge). Comparatively, a lithium battery can last more than three times the normal alkaline battery, which is an outstanding performance benchmark. Lithium camera batteries are also much, much lighter than any other secondary batteries that are available on the market today.

The other good thing about this is that they do not suffer from any sort of a memory effect, which means that their self-discharge rate is only about less than 7% per month, so you are not losing as much energy. Choose a lithium camera battery and snap the day away with no worries.