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Need to Know More About the Canadian Immigration

Though vast geographical area, Canada has a rather small population. There is a shortage of skilled workers, investors and entrepreneurs to meet the needs of economic growth in Canada. Therefore, the Canadian government encourages these categories of people to immigrate to Canada and contribute to its prosperity and strength. If you want to know more about the visa immigration then you can visit

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If you are an expert in the field, you are welcome to immigrate to Canada and become permanent citizen of the country. The Canadian government has established six criteria to which must earn a certain number of points in order to be eligible for immigration. You must have a sufficient knowledge of English or French and work experience of at the least 10 years, including one year of full-time work paid in their field, as well as any related field.

There is a Business Immigration Program also for businessmen. They must be able to invest $ 400,000 less. The alternative to this is that they should be able to own and manage a business in Canada.

There are three kinds of such business immigrants, each with different eligibility criteria. These classes are investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed. You can apply a single category, even if the requirements are met for other categories. Once selected, a category can not be changed.