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Questions Of Home Inspectors For Technical Support

Home inspectors can expect to speak with technical support on installing the software checks to their homes.

Make sure they are installed everything correctly is important and home inspectors will feel more comfortable if there is someone to walk them through the process.

Someone in tech support should be able to quickly guide them on the installation process and also provide them with documentation that may help. You can choose a home inspection service in San Antonio, TX via

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Another question home inspector would have is how they move their information from one computer to another. When you buy a new computer or device, it is important to be able to carry all of your data from the previous computer. They do not want to lose the information when moving to a new computer.

 It is a good idea to call technical support and their help with this. They should easily be able to guide you through the process or provide you with an easy to read the documentation on how to do it.

The third question is a home inspector will have about updates and upgrades.

Before buying upgrades for their software, home inspectors will usually have a few questions for technical support. These questions include, "Is there a cost?", "What is included with the new version?", and "Can I import my data prior to the new version?". These are all great questions and it is important for all home inspectors, especially if they are paying for new upgrades.