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Quick Tips to Help Your Child Beat Thumb Sucking

Thumb Sucking or finger sucking is a common habit in many children. In fact, nearly one-third of all children suck their thumb or fingers in the first year of their life. Unfortunately, thumb sucking is spoken unhealthy habit that can have many different consequences.

Thumb Sucking Can Cause Oral Health Problems

Unfortunately, thumb sucking can cause a lot of problems that negatively affect the development of oral health. Thumb sucking can cause an open bite. To stop this habit, you can purchase the hand stopper thumb guard via

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What Causes Thumb Sucking?

Boredom, anxiety, anger, hunger, or even sadness can all cause children suck their fingers for comfort. Children mostly suck their thumb or their fingers to the convenience of a state or emotional stress.

Quick Tips to Defeat Thumb Sucking

If your child does not stop sucking their thumb or fingers to the age of 4, then you have to stop them from habits so that they can develop a healthy young smile. By 4 years old, your child's mouth will grow fast and thumb sucking may interfere with the process.

The simplest way to prevent thumb sucking is to find out what triggers your child sucking their fingers in the first place. If you can identify it, then you can help them adapt their behavior with positive reinforcement, or prepare them for the next time the situation.

You cannot be everywhere at once, so use the help of your family to help your child get rid of bad habits. Make sure everyone uses techniques and interventions same language so that your child have a consistent understanding why they need to kick the habit.