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Rum Punch Cocktails For Parties

Coming back to some of the useful facts about rum, sugar cane was an important commodity in the British Empire. Growth was initially limited in India, then the cuttings were brought to America and planted there. 

Here the sugarcane is processed into molasses and sent to the Caribbean for rum distillation. But beneath the surface, this trade is also driving one of the authentic caribbean sparkling rum deals of this century. 

Molasses is sold in the Caribbean in exchange for slaves brought to America, where they are hired to process sugarcane, which is sent back to the Caribbean to start the process again.

The derivation of the rum is another topic of debate. Some believe that it comes from the botanical name of sugarcane, Saccharum officinarum. 

To try something different, the admiral cut back on his daily beer rations and replaced it with a vaguely Caribbean drink. It overcame the disease and his men were very happy with their captain. 

As for the rum consumer trend, white rum is definitely in demand because of the tendency among young people to move towards the pure. Dark rum is more popular among the elderly and armed forces around the world.  There is another reason why dark rum is used by these people because it provides a large number of calories and also helps warm the body.