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Shopify Theme with Liquid Template

Shopify is one of the simple and easiest to use platforms ever created for online stores.

Shopify themes are nothing more than templates, having types of assets like images, CSS, and JavaScript. One of the main components used as the template engine in Shopify is Liquid.

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Liquid: language or engine?

Some refer to the Liquid as a language while others call it a stenciling engine. But personally, we like to call it a template language that has syntax, concepts like output, logic, and loops, and interacts with variables like a web-based language.

1. Liquid file extensions and separators: Liquid files have a .liquid format extension. Double separator brackets mean output and curly brackets denote logic.

2. Objects and properties: This function introduces us to the syntax with fluent dots. Take for example, our store name has a store as an object. Therefore, this variable represents all the data assigned to the business object.

3. Collectable properties and loops: In Shopify, the number of properties is plural. For example shop, enabled_payment_types, this property is a flowing pool that returns an array of data instead of returning string data, switching to the same smooth cycle as a loop that allows us to output the same number of code snippets.

4. Filters: Liquid filters serve basic purposes, such as manipulating source data, which saves designers time by reducing the amount of code we have to write.