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Simple Tricks On How To Save Electricity

Energy-saving products can save money on monthly electric bills. Besides using less energy it reduces the discharge of carbon dioxide and harmful pollutants from power plants that burn fewer fossil fuels to meet the lesser energy demand.

Running a household is a delicate business to manage your funds and match them with your needs. And when needed, including those of children, every tactic to save some moolah is very useful.

Try it in ways that are useful for storing electricity:

  1. Switch to CFL or LED lights.

The easiest way to reduce electricity bills is to switch to CFL or LED ‘energy-saving lamps’ (Also known as ‘หลอดประหยัดไฟ’ in the Thai language). They are relatively more expensive on the shelf, but they last longer and save on your energy bill. Place them in areas of high use such as the kitchen and bathroom, and you will see a decrease in your electric bill.

October is Energy Awareness Month | City of Irvine

  1. Turn off the lights.

Not so simple when you already have a million little things that must be done. I understand, believe me. Makes it easy to add lights. You do not have the overhead lights for reading. Let the 

 multi-ball lamps for special occasions. 

  1. Wash Clothes in Cold Water.

How our children managed to dirty their clothes several times a day is a mystery. But it involves a lot of clothes waiting to be washed every day. A simple switch of a button from hot to cold in a washing machine can save you a bundle as well. This means less electricity to heat the water, which in turn means better savings for you.

    4.Invest in Solar Panel.

It may seem like an extreme measure, but you may be surprised how easy it was and what a great saver may turn out to be. You are at the same time reducing your carbon footprint and teaching your children about energy conservation. 

Now the government offers many incentives for families who want to install solar panel systems in their homes, including tax breaks and loans.