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Smarter Way to Track Your Employees

Automated biometric device refers to the system which automatically identifies the human behavior and physical attribute which used to identify an individual and store this features into database. 

So with the interaction of this technology with existing time and attendance software that gives freedom from employee cards, physical maintenance of log books or punching or manual entry into database.

You can store employees in and out time just by showing their face and the system automatically stores certain physical attribute like fingerprints, face, iris, palm prints, signature, DNA, or retinas of an individual for easy and convenient verification.

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Additionally this system also enhance security of your premises because it totally depends on individuals physical behavior so it automatically detects any un authorized entry so it can also be used as an access control system to your premises.

It also has additional features like report generating at your requested date and time and it automatically calculates the things like how much day's particular employee has present and how much time it spends in your premises. It does not require any other system or external processor it is compatible with all major system existing in the market.

It does not require any external memory so it also preserves great flexibility. So all this advance features and technology biometric time and attendance software is the ultimate and smarter way to track your employees In and Out time.