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Some Benefits of an Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

If your family is considering bringing a rabbit into the house as a pet, decide quickly whether you want to keep the rabbit in a cage or outside a special rabbit cage. Keeping your rabbit indoors is fine, but you may need to protect your rabbit from areas of the house that are unsafe for rabbits and also do daily cleaning to prevent contamination of the rabbit's carpet, pillows and floors. 

Many people end up keeping their rabbits outside of cages because they are easier to care for and provide a more natural environment for rabbits to grow. If you want to buy a rabbit hutch you can hop over to this website.

Build A Rabbit Hutch And Tractor

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The two biggest concerns with keeping rabbits outdoors are larger predators and cold weather. If left unattended, larger animals such as raccoons can easily sneak in and try to escape with treats. 

Additionally, temperatures can drop sharply at night, and if your rabbit's cage isn't insulated from attack and cold air, you could lose your pet overnight if it breaks or freezes. When choosing a rabbit hutch, make sure it's a sturdy cage that can keep out predators and also has a solid door and roof to ensure all the rabbits in it are safe and warm throughout the night.

Most rabbit owners and veterinarians agree that the ideal temperature for rabbits varies between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures above 85 or below 45 degrees are cause for concern and it may be necessary to bring your rabbit indoors or provide clean water throughout the day to keep the rabbit from becoming dehydrated.