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The Health Risks Of Cadmium In Baby Foods

The food that babies eat presents a particular issue with regards to its security. While on the one hand food for infants is essential to provide adequate nutrition for infants, however, on other hand, baby foods can be dangerous if they contain excessive amounts of Cadmium, a poisonous heavy metal that has been linked to birth defects and cancer. The risk to the health of cadmium found in infant foods is much higher than what was thought previously.

When people consume foods that have been exposed to this chemical, they could experience a variety of health issues. The chemical is classified by the FDA as a carcinogen that could cause kidney damage, among other adverse effects. Children who suffered from such kinds of diseases after eating toxic baby food may be eligible for compensation by filing a toxic baby food lawsuit at

 Baby Food Lawsuit

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Sources of Cadmium:

Cadmium is found in a range of food and food additives. This includes processed foods that are high in sugar, like chocolate and regular milk, and dried fruits. 

What to look at What to Look for Your Baby Foods:

A commonly used food ingredient, Cadmium is a hazardous chemical that is found in the air which can trigger a variety of health issues for humans. It can also be harmful to animals like dogs and cows since their bodies are not equipped to remove all contaminants.

Making sure to be aware of the possible health hazards of Cadmium isn't impossible. However, there are specific actions to take to minimize the negative adverse effects. One method of doing this is to choose infant food products that are free of toxic substances like Cadmium.