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What is an ERP Integration

ERP software has the ability to manage all the integrated processes and the company's operations in a single platform. ERP systems can bring together people, software and hardware components and offer them to the entire organization, and erp integration contribute to a certain gain and general corporate purpose.

ERP has modules aimed at different functional areas such as sales, purchasing, manufacturing, finance, accounting, and others, with the difference that they are fully integrated and access the same database.

How does ERP work?

ERP is a unit of measurement information, and the database is a central warehouse where they are assembled and organized. The database connection with ERP functionality meets through ERP applications. It is responsible for collecting, validating, processing, transfer or export of data, the activities carried out through the interface.

Information can be collected by ERP in different ways, such as:

  • User input: from the keyboard or directly – by scanning the bar code, for example, Import from another database
  • Transfer via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).
  • ERP has a role to connect the database and user interface are provided.

What are the components of the ERP software?

ERP has different modules for managing specific activities:

Administration – Allows you to set the level of access to information, customize documents or sets of back-up measures.

Controlling – Planned financial parameters: set and keep track of income and expenses budget.

Accounting – Automates accounting operations and help you get the accounting and financial statements, in accordance with European standards.