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Most Balanced High CBD Strain For Health

Although there are plenty of high-THC strains on dispensary shelves and in abundance, it is dangerous to confuse higher THC levels with more complex, luxurious, or more effective highs. 

High-THC cannabis and its products are not meant to be consumed by everyone. Cannatech advances continue to improve the agricultural side of cannabis cultivation. 

You can visit the website to know more details about best balanced strains at However, one-strain cannabis can appeal to both novice and experienced potheads.

These cannabis strains are even-keeled and contain balanced cannabinoid levels. Both THC and CBD are in proportion. While these particular cultivars might not be bred for the kind of captivating, galaxy-brained effects of higher THC strains.

Argyle genetics are strongly indica-leaning, and deliver mild reactions that reviewers describe as putting people in a relaxed state around sleeptime. The effects of this hybrid cultivar are mellow and cotton-soft head highs.

Dancehall is often bred to be used for therapeutic purposes. It can come as a high-CBD or low-THC phenotype, or a balanced 1:1 profile depending on the grower. 

This cultivated hybrid of Querkle and Harlequin is a great choice for those looking for a reliable strain. Hurkle is a fun name to use, but it also has therapeutic effects, such as pain relief from depression and fibromyalgia. It also delivers recreational effects, including clear-headed energy and clear-headedness.