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A Well Structured Website Homepage

Websites are made up of many pages. There are many pages on a website. Some sites have only a few pages while others have hundreds of thousands. Without a homepage, all of these pages would be ineffective.

Simply put, the homepage of a website is the most important page on the site. It links users to sub-level pages, allowing them to quickly find what they are looking for. It is therefore important to design this page correctly.

The content on your homepage will vary depending on what kind of website you are developing. However, it should clearly identify the key areas of the site and encourage users to explore these areas. 

A lot of people are even adding a customized color filter to search products onto their websites. You can also know more about color customizer filters via, and make the search option easy on your website.

Below are common homepage requirements that many have tried to cover for different websites.

What should my website homepage look like if I'm a business owner offering both products and/or services?

You need to highlight key service categories, feature products, and any promotional material or dynamic content that is relevant to these products. Promotional material can include flyers or business news.

Dynamic content could also include updates and business-related information. These products and services will be visible to users and they can quickly decide if they are what they want.