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What Is Ovarian Cancer and How It Can Affect You

It is truly ironic that nature would allow the very organs that continue the existence of the human race to be ridden with a disease that would result at the end of some of those humans.

But this is just the sad reality of ovarian cancer, a condition that claims thousands of women each year in the U.S. In fact, you could very easily be one of these women, despite your original health and even age. This is why it's important to know what ovarian cancer is and how it can affect you, questions that will be addressed throughout this article. if you are looking for talcum powder law firms, then you can search the internet.

Talcum Powder Cancer Lawyers

Now, to fully understand what ovarian cancer and how it can affect you, you must first be aware of how the disease. Basically, the ovaries produce tumors. Sometimes these tumors will remain central to just the area of reproduction, but usually, they will spread into the abdominal cavity. When this occurs a woman will experience a variety of symptoms including abdominal swelling, indigestion, gas, and intestinal problems. There are women who acquire post-menopausal bleeding, although these symptoms tend to be rare.

So, now you have an answer to the question of 'what ovarian cancer.' Now you will need to understand how it can affect you. Well, first, if you are older, you are at the greatest risk of getting the disease. This is especially true for women over 70.

However, there are middle-aged women who get this disease along with some even younger. This is especially true if they have a history of the condition in their family. Other risk factors may include: using the powder, do not have a baby, do not breastfeed, and do not use contraception.

Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer

A soft, white powder used in cosmetics, baby powder and personal hygiene products can cause ovarian cancer and other serious side effects in users.

According to the American Cancer Society, the powder is made from talc, a mineral mainly composed of the elements magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. The powder absorbs moisture and helps to cut back on friction, which makes it a product that is useful to keep the skin dry and prevent rash.

Because of its benefits, the powder is widely used in a variety of products, including baby powder, and the adult and face powder.

In its natural form, some of the powder may contain asbestos, hazardous substances known to cause a deadly type of cancer called mesothelioma when inhaled or ingested.

Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer arising from the cells of the ovary, most often the lining cells of the ovary. Unfortunately, the symptoms of ovarian cancer are very clear and there are screening tests currently not good for this disease but still faced many talcum baby powder lawsuits.

Although talc containing asbestos are no longer available in the market, new research has shown that people who use talcum powder may still be at risk of developing cancer, the ovarian cancer in women. Most of the concerns about the potential link between talc and cancer comes in two forms:

Woman who regularly apply the powder in the genital area have an increased risk of ovarian cancer

People who are constantly exposed to natural talc fibers in the workplace have an increased risk of lung cancer

Research shows that the powder may play a role in the development of ovarian cancer if the powder particles travel through the uterus and fallopian tubes to the ovaries.

Talcum Powder Lawsuit Attorneys

Powder has many cosmetic and hygienic purposes, making it popular as a stand-alone solution or the active ingredient in a number of products.

Unfortunately, more and more scientific evidence has been found that the powder is not safe – the fact that the major powder manufacturers have been known for many years. If you want to file a case against the talcum powder manufacturer and seeking expert guidance, then you may visit this site.

This resulted in several high-profile class-action lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson, one of the largest manufacturers of powder, such cases have previously found, have known about the danger posed by the powder for at least four decades, but failed to do anything for consumers protect the using the product.

If you have developed a severe illness or disease after the continuous use of powder, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit.

The International Journal of Gynecological Cancer reported that women who use talcum powder in the genital area are at 30-60% higher risk for ovarian cancer.

Fine particulate released when the powder is applied could enter the ovaries, placing even those women who have never used the product for some time at an increased risk. Unfortunately, there is little evidence that stopping the use will decrease the risk.

Johnson & Johnson and other powder manufacturers knew about this danger for more than 40 years – but chose to withhold information from users – is unacceptable.

Thousands of women may have died because of this negligent act, and according to many medical professionals, thousands more can be diagnosed with ovarian cancer following the use of powder coming years.