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Top Tips For Hiring Professional Translators In Perth

This article is intended for small translation agencies and individuals who want to expand their business and look for new translators to improve their database.

The following are the main features that need to be considered before hiring a new linguist.

Professional translators

Not every professional need to be a professional translator. If you want your medical text translated, it is NOT a law that doctors are a good choice for converting your medical documents into a foreign language. You can also choose professional translation services in Perth.

The translation is an art that can be learned, plus natural abilities given by God. Always check the sample given by your doctor before continuing.


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Accuracy/compliance with deadlines

You will find many qualified, educated, competent, and experienced linguists, but NOT exactly. Accuracy is a very necessary feature. It makes quality professionals.

If the translator is less accurate, you can say that they qualify, but you cannot (in my personal opinion) say they are professional.

Qualifications + training + experience – accuracy = NOT PROFESSIONAL

Knowledge of source and target languages

Translators must have a good command of both languages. Always hire someone who is born in the target language.

Considering the qualifications and experience, the original translator is always better than the foreigner. Translated text always shows weakness when translated by others.

In certain circumstances, you can hire locals where native speakers are not available or where translators are not available but have spent years in the company + native speakers' countries.