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Stainless Steel Welded Pipe For Toyota 86 Exhaust System

Automakers are upgrading three-way catalytic converters in vehicle exhaust systems to clean up exhaust emissions. In the late 1980s, the Spain government also took steps to increase the life of automobile exhaust systems, accelerating the promotion of ferritic stainless steel applications.

The exhaust system of automobiles is 100% stainless steel, especially in recent years, to cope with the rise in exhaust gas temperature, the use of high-temperature and corrosion-resistant stainless steel in place of aluminum castings and pipes by manufacturers cars are widespread. You can easily buy toyota 86 exhaust system from online stores.

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The car exhaust system on engine start side, exhaust manifold, front pipe, flexible pipe, catalytic converter, center pipe, silencer and muffler and the like. Depending on the shape of the car, some will also install a replacement catalytic converter circuit and exhaust. Stainless steel car exhaust systems differ due to their location.

In the manifold and the opposite end of the high temperature, because the components are directly connected to the engine, so are the high-temperature properties, such as high-temperature fatigue properties, thermal fatigue, high oxidation temperature and other requirements.

At the same time, the formation of complex collectors also makes higher demands due to the productivity of the forming process. The car exhaust system catalyst carries a triple catalyst, its effective catalysis occurs, the ambient temperature exceeds 1000, so the catalyst used for the same housing material must have good high-temperature oxidation.