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How To Travel Light On Journeys Abroad?

When your baggage goes over the weight limit you're hit with a fee. Hand luggage needs to fit into an overhead compartment whether you're traveling by bus, coach or plane. A lighter bag will make your life easier when you're walking even short distances.

There are some reasons why packing light will save you time, energy and money. Here are a few tips for saving your stress levels and shoe leather on a long trip:

• Don't pack things that you won't need – When traveling always take half as many clothes and twice as much money!

• Use compact multi-function clothes rather than taking your entire wardrobe. Pick items that can be used functionally in all weathers. Trousers with zip-off legs are good since they are multi-purpose. Use travel clothes which don't need ironing and will be useful for the country you are traveling to.

Prepare for the weather. You can also check out This Tiny Life to know more about traveling.

• Use a travel towel. You don't want to double up on useless items which you will find in your hotel anyway like towels, hairdryers or trouser presses!! Even items like soap and shower gel will all add up.

• If you're taking fluids (which you may have to dump at the airport anyway), use a fold-down container rather than a plastic bottle. It's still useful and less bulky when empty.

• Leave gadgets behind, especially ones which are bulky and unnecessary. Take only what you will be using. Mobile phones now have so many gadgets built-in they are almost indispensable!

• You will always find things on your travels to purchase, other countries have stores too! Leave room to add your purchases and leave things behind if you're not sure about bringing them