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Four Color Printing and Colors for Beginners

Working with design software can be a simple start to work on your graphic design. However, it can be very difficult to know how to reliably maintain ideal resolution with pixel and picture sizes, especially for four-color printing projects.

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Four Color Printing and Colors for Beginners

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Don't forget to use these points when creating your layout for your print, whether it be small company cards, large format poster prints.

1. Printing with just two colors is less expensive than four.

  • If your prints are run using small presses, the prints will be printed in only two solid colors of any variety. Like black and red or blue and yellow. 
  • If your prints are fitted with little press, the prints will be published in just two strong colors of almost any variety. Like red and black or yellow and blue. Therefore, it requires similar treatment such as spot colors which are custom works.

2. Four-color printing and using spot colors

  • But if you do not understand how to differentiate spot colors from CMYK, especially when designing your print, you may accidentally file a place shadow treatment for prints which can be expensive.
  • At the same time, if you do not understand that you are using a spot color on the layout, you can reduce the quality of the colors you have chosen so that you do not need to get spot color therapy.

3. Keep in mind that a rich black differs only from shame.

  • The former can be accomplished by combining their darkest shades of cyan, magenta, and yellow so that when your style is printed outside, you will get a rich and dark shade.
  • Black is accustomed to assigning the required highlight or contrast to specify the shade and bring detail from its own print.

Check with the color printing firm to find out exactly what your options are. What are the benefits of CMYK if you want to use Pantone colors?

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