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Indian Vedic Science- Vedic Astrology

We all know what astrology is and how it can affect our lives. This is an important and complex ancient science in which astrologers study the movements of stars and planets with particular attention to determining their influence on our lives and well-being. If you want to learn more about Indian Vedic Science, you can hop over to this website.

Applied Vedic Science - Basic (Jyotia) - Hindu University of America

 It has three main systems – Vedic, Western, and Chinese. Of these, the Indian Vedic astrology system is considered the most popular and very accurate.

Vedic astrology does not depend on the relationship between the sun and the earth. It is based on the positions of the stars, constellations, planets, and their relationship to each other. The earth rotates not only around the sun but also around its axis, which makes it more accurate than other astrological methods.

Twelve zodiac signs of Indian Vedic astrology-

In Vedic astrology, there are twelve zodiac signs, which are called the twelve "rashis" in Hindi. Each “rashi” is ruled by a planet and has certain characteristics and personality traits given by that ruling planet.

Vedic astrology calculates the zodiac sign in which the moon is located when a person is born. Unlike the sun signs, “Janma-Rashi” or moon signs reveal facts about the personality and inner attitude of the individual. This data is used to outline the choices people can make in their lives.

Planets play an important role in the lives of individuals. In addition to the main planets of the solar system, “Rahu” and “Ketu”, the two celestial bodies, revered in Indian astrology, and the two nodes where the moon's elliptical orbit intersects the Earth's orbit, are important.

Vedic astrology can help us recognize our true principles at the soul level in life.