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Which Marine VHF Radio Is Right For You?

Just a quarter of a century ago, choosing a VHF marine radio for your boat was a fairly simple endeavor. There were only a handful of fixed mount options to choose from, they all contained the same technology.  

In this era when gadgets are full of everything you need or don't need, manufacturers are offering the consumer as many options as possible in every possible way. This VHF marine telephony is monitored by various organizations based on the use and location of the ships.

Vhf radio

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So how should you know what to look for when choosing your next VHF Marine unit? If you wanted to scan radio channels on your VHF radio, you had to stop what you were doing and go to where your unit was mounted. 

Today, you can have a portable handheld unit to carry wherever you go in your boat. Another point for handheld units, and probably the most important one, is that the sound quality doesn't drop a bit in most quality units. 

Typically, when switching from a landline phone to a portable phone or radio, the sound quality suffers noticeably, but the strong technology that powers these portable units generally passes the test. 

The biggest drawback to going with a handheld VHF radio over a fixed-mount VHF unit is the standard argument against any portable device: they are easy to lose.